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ProSource Celebrates New ly Remodeled Greenville Showroom

20+1 year Anniversary is Celebrated with a Newly Expanded and Interactive Showroom

Greenville, SC | June 16, 2017 — In conjunction with its 20 + 1 year anniversary, ProSource celebrated with its newly expanded and interactive designer showroom at its Industrial Drive Location. In 1996, Tonya and Grover Martin saw their dreams become reality when they opened their first ProSource showroom in Greenville, South Carolina. With backgrounds in the wholesale plumbing supply business, Tonya and Grover wanted to utilize their professional experience within the industry to open a luxury plumbing business that catered to clients on a more personal level. Over the course of twenty years, ProSource has expanded into five different locations throughout both the Upstate and North Carolina. The new Greenville showroom is now double its original size to over 10,000 square feet and is equipped with a fully interactive kitchen and bathroom. Incorporating products that one can
use in the store provides customers a firsthand experience during their search for the perfect product. Along with its newly renovated showroom, the Greenville location boasts a spacious 89,000 square foot warehouse and customer service department.

Beginning with just a few employees, ProSource now employs over 100 highly trained staff members and sells products from hundreds of manufacturers worldwide. “Reputable product and service offerings are crucial to our client’s experience and we want this to be nothing less than perfect,” says Grover. “Our new showroom is truly one of a kind. You will not find another showroom like this in the Southeast.” Through their industry and staff expertise, ProSource seeks to go above and beyond customer expectations, providing tailored services to all clientele. Tonya and Grover Martin attribute their company’s success to both their employees and loyal customers. “We already have plans for expansion at another location. There is always something on the horizon for ProSource,” says Tonya. “We are beyond grateful to have a customer base that has chosen to support
locally for over twenty years now.” The Grand Reopening took place on Thursday, June 15, and was a night filled with entertainment, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres by specialty chefs Marge Perry and David Bonom.

About ProSource
At ProSource they bring an enduring sense of luxury to your home and to the way you live. For over a decade they have offered the largest selection of high end plumbing fixtures from the most reputable brands and manufactures in the world. ProSource is dedicated to surpassing their customer’s expectations through extensive product knowledge and industry expertise for both commercial and residential clientele. Their highly trained staff will assist builders, decorators, and homeowners with their p.roduct selections and provide personalized service and support for all kitchen or bath projects.

For more information visit www.prosoursesupply.com.


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