We believe that every business has a story, but we do more than “just tell it.” We build relationships that address the attitudes and concerns of community, consumer and media – making stories come to life.

Our team can research, plan and execute a comprehensive public relations campaign designed to meet the needs of each client. We always work with you to build relationships, create content that ignites your story and deliver measurable results within our community and your organization.

Media Relations

Our professionals build relationships with reporters and media outlets that allow us to personally tailor pitches to fit the interests and focus of publishers and their contributors.

Community Relations

The Smoak PR team is immersed in the communities we serve, drawing on first-hand knowledge and using it to build positive public perception.

Political Affairs

Smoak PR has been involved and active in the political process in South Carolina for over 20 years.

Event Management

Our event planning strategy focuses on establishing company identity and fostering meaningful relationships through compelling messages and superior service.

Strategic Planning

We know that it takes years to develop a strong public image, but only minutes to destroy it. Smoak PR can help create a strategic plan so clients maintain positive public perception.

Social Media Management

We work as content curators across all available media, ensuring that there is meaning behind the messages our clients communicate to the public.